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Manifesting with Your Inner Moon Cycle

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

When it comes to manifesting, most practices you’ll see are around moon phases. From setting intentions during a new moon, to releasing rituals during the full moon and vision boards.

Everything in society makes us believe bleeding naturally is nasty and shameful. I will forever believe that was done on purpose to keep us from standing in our power as high priestesses. For some of us, our divinity comes from our wombs and the ability to menstruate. That’s a whole magical entity we control and possess, and we need to be using this to our advantage. Instead of adopting the perception that women and wombs are only here to birth babies, but I digress.

I began this work at the end of 2019, after my Iyawo year. At that time, I was having a lot of issues with my womb. My womb was purging from years of stagnant energy, neglect, and unhealed trauma. It was as if she was screaming at me for care and attention. I began having allergic reactions to almost everything, sex was painful, multiple yeast infections, vaginal dryness….. chyle, I was just a ball of discomfort and pain. I tried everything; different condoms (then I got a latex allergy), spiritual baths, cleansing after sex, even celibacy, nothing worked. I immediately knew it was something spiritual going on, but of course denied it. I know I’m not the only one here who ran from their shadow, so don’t judge me!

I went into a depressive episode after my 33rd birthday and began seeing my therapist again. She is a priestess in the Lucumi tradition and knowledgeable of spiritual and alternative healing. Her first response was, “yea, you need some womb healing” then gave me a few tips and book recommendations. My first step was getting a womb reading. In the reading she told me I needed to take time to heal, but mostly to honor my Menstrual cycle by creating self-care rituals. I believe this was the first seed that was planted in me to do this work.

So, I began the healing; first by journaling, womb meditations, using yoni eggs, and yoni steams. I then came across one of the books my therapist recommended. Y’all, this book changed my life! She spoke on combining every aspect to assist us in our womb healing and to become more in tune with our cycles. Not just spiritual, but physical, emotional, and also broke down how our wombs speak to us through our bodily functions. I know for sure nothing I read would have resonated with me if I hadn’t done the work to heal first.

In this reading, I also learned we have our own cycles that correlate with moon phases. And it hit me! Why are we not using our personal cycles to manifest just like we do with moon phases? This is what it means to walk in our divine power. We should be going within before anything else. If anything, the moon should be used to accentuate our power, not validate it. We’re out here doing new moon work based on the literal moon phase and ignoring the power within. Wild right?

I put into practice what I learned and began manifesting my desires like (snap) that! I also started my cycle 4 days early to sync with the new moon. That was confirmation that this work was necessary because my body was responding to it. You can manifest homes, businesses, lovers, money, whatever you desire.

With this new info, I began to study, began to dream, began to visualize, what it would look like if we stood in our power. What I saw was a shift that we need. A shift that reminded us of our Divinity. A shift that brought us back to ourselves.

Are you ready to do the work? Follow me on FB (Ya Lay ) and IG @yalay_Dvine to stay updated with class schedules for 2020!

Iya Efunyale', also known as Yale' Divine, is the owner of 3rd Eye Divine, where her specialty is assisting people in recognizing their divinity within.


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