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of, relating to, or proceeding directly from God or a God

Iya Efunyale (Ya-lay) Divine, originally known as Ivery, is the founder and owner of 3rd Eye Divine.  Her vision for 3rd Eye Divine was birthed from the radical notion that mother nature has given us what we need to heal and remain healthy. We believe that in order to heal, we must allow the earth to become our medicine; and we must nurture our body, mind, and spirit as a whole to maintain vital health. With her dedication to health, wellness, and spirituality, we hope to assist our clients on their personal journey to healing, divine balance and wholeness.


She started her path to natural medicine in 2010. After years of study, she obtained her certification as a Community Centered Herbalist and Khemetic Reiki Practicioner. After joining an Ile home based out of Baltimore, Maryland, under the guidance of her beloved Godparents, Chief Bode Fasuyi and Iyanifa Ogunda Alase Olori Oyadele, she is now a newly crowned Obatala priestess and walking in her destiny to heal her community! 

Thank you for trusting us to help you heal and we wish you many blessings!